Scholarship / Selective Entry Tuition

Specialist Tutition to give your child the best chance for success

Lynn’s Learning offers a specialised program to coach students for the entry examinations to specific scholarships or selective entry schools. After an initial assessment to gauge any gaps or weaknesses, a tailored program is developed to advance and cement knowledge leading up to the examination date. The selective entry / scholarship coaching program consists of individualised programs plus practice examinations with one-on-one explanations.

We encourage students to study both Maths and English as part of the Scholarship / Selective Entry tuition program. This ensures the best possible coaching for success.

In addition to coaching students for the Maths and English elements of the scholarship or selective entry exams, we also provide interview coaching with students who are successful in their examination components.

We generally recommend to begin scholarship or selective entry coaching around 6 months prior to the examination date as preparation for these types of exams is a lot different to regular classroom tests. As well as understanding and practicing different ways to solve problems, students are also coached in time-management – which is an important component of scholarship examinations.

If you are unsure whether your child is ready to begin scholarship or selective entry coaching, visit your local Lynn’s Learning for a free assessment and to chat through the requirements with the Centre Manager. You can also contact our head office on (03) 8794 8809 to discuss our programs and how they could assist your child.

Scholarship / Selective Entry Tuition Fees

Our specialised Scholarship / Selective Entry tuition program is charged at $35.20 per subject per week. This entitles the student to 1.5 hours of tuition per subject per week, plus an additional four days of homework each week. The fees are charged on a term basis, or part thereof for students who enroll mid-term. Here at Lynn's Learning we have an extremely high success rate with students who study both Maths and English in our Scholarship/Selective Entry program.

Scholarship Winner, Ananya

Scholarship Winner, AnanyaAnanya was awarded a 75% scholarship into Haileybury in 2013 after studying at Lynn’s Learning Wheelers Hill. Looking to sit a scholarship next year? Enrol into our program now!

Scholarship Winner, Helia

Scholarship Winner, HeliaIn 2013, Helia, a student at our Vermont South Centre was awarded two 50% scholarships. One into St Catherines, and the other into Fintona Girls’ School. Helia studied both Maths and English as part of the Lynn's Learning Scholarship Program. We wish her all the success at her new school!

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