Individualised Programs

Tuition tailored to your child

Lynn’s Learning understands that each individual child will learn at a different rate and in a different way. That’s why we’ve designed invidualised Maths Tuition and English Tuition programs that meet the needs of the individual student. The Lynn’s Learning System has been designed in Australia by teachers and follows the Australian Curriculum. After an initial ‘Free Assessment‘ each centre manager will talk to you in depth regarding your child’s abilities in their Maths and English. We then provide your child with an individually tailored program which provides them with a balanced approach to increasing their confidence, competence and skills.

This assessment specifically defines an individual’s strengths and weaknesses within the Australian Curriculum. As a parent you will then discuss the best learning outcomes for your child with our friendly Centre Manager who will tailor a program specifically for your child.

At Lynn’s Learning we create a non-threatening environment in our learning centres. We find that students who are relaxed and happy learn faster and enjoy attending the centres. Many of our students first attend because they are upset by their school environment and are traumatized by other students ridiculing them. Once we are able to gain their confidence, most students learn quickly and feel comfortable with our relaxed teaching methods.

Lynn’s Learning follows the Australian curriculum guidelines, but many of our students are capable of working higher than their school year level. At Lynn’s Learning we teach to a student’s ability rather than the student’s grade level. Our program is readily adapted to suit the student’s needs.



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