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Our Maths and English assessments are obligation free

One of the most challenging aspects for many parents is understanding how your child is performing in their schooling. While school reports can give you some indication on how your child is succeeding at school, it’s always a good idea to get an independent assessment. Sometimes a child that shines in one area of the school curriculum may have struggled through a different area – which can leave important gaps in their learning. If these gaps are left unaddressed for periods of time, they can also have a flow-on effect to other areas of learning. On the other hand, if you have a child who is advanced beyond their school level, they may be getting bored in class. An assessment of their learning can help you understand if they need to be further challenged and advanced in their academic studies.

When you first visit a Lynn’s Learning centre, we will complete an obligation-free assessment of how your child is currently performing. The assessment generally takes around half an hour per subject. Following the assessment, the Centre Manager will review and discuss the outcomes with you. They will also discuss any concerns or goals you have regarding your child’s academics. This free assessment is obligation free and will give you a clear idea of any gaps in your child’s learning as well as any areas that they may be able to be further challenged or advanced in.

If you decide you’d like to enrol your child into our program, we will develop an individualised program based on the initial assessment and your child’s ability. We will also discuss with you any immediate concerns (for example, negative results in a recent school report or test) and speak to you about any goals you may have for the future (including scholarship or selective entry coaching if this is something you may be considering). watch station replica We always work to create an individualised Maths program or English program that both assists in filling any learning gaps as well as addresses any immediate concerns you have and looks to achieving your future goals.


Lynn's learning - specialised in English and Maths tuition

Lynn’s learning – specialised in English and Maths tuition