About Lynn’s Learning

Over 30 years of Maths Tutoring  and  English Tutoring experience

Lynn’s Learning is an Australian owned Maths Tuition & English Tuition company and has been operating for over 20 years. Our programs have been developed in Australia by teachers, and are constantly being updated to ensure content remains interesting and relevant. We understand that every child is different and the way they learn and the rate in which they learn differs. Our programs are tailored to suit each child’s individual learning abilities.

Lynn’s Learning was founded by Lynn Tam, who came to understand the rigidity of the Australian education system which didn’t cater well for faster or slower learners in the school classroom environment. After year’s of teaching in schools around Victoria, replica watches los angeles including specialist and remedial schools, Lynn broke away from traditional classroom teaching to begin designing a program that allowed children to learn at their own speed and capability, and in a way that boosted their ability to learn, while still keeping to date with the school curriculum (and expanding beyond it).

Lynn’s Learning was born.

While initially, Lynn’s Learning covered just a few locations in Melbourne, it has today expanded to multiple locations throughout Melbourne and Sydney – allowing more children to grow, learn and build confidence in their academic abilities.

You can learn more about Lynn’s story here.


Lynn’s Learning Mission:

Our mission is to encourage appreciation of learning, through expanding and exploring your child’s creativity, imagination and logic. We aim to teach our students to write from their hearts and solve problems with an open mind, whilst providing a positive and nurturing environment.


Lynn’s Learning Vision:

Our Vision is to inspire the appreciation of learning globally.

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