Lynn’s Story

How a Teacher became a Tutor

A note from Lynn’s Learning Founder, Lynn Tam
“When my children first began school, I realised there was a huge gap in nurturing an overall learning environment. There was nothing in place for kids who were ahead, and my kids came home from school bored. I was concerned that they would begin to resent learning so I started to develop my own worksheets and activities to extend them and keep it fun.

I needed to do more. I went back to study teaching, as a mature-aged student, to address the gap in schools. What I learnt was that there was an even bigger hole for children who were struggling at school.

I knew I needed to help kids at both ends of the spectrum. What I did was create an open-ended tutoring system, for the core subjects Maths and English. The system addresses students at their individual ability level, rather than their grade level. For kids who are struggling in an area of Maths or English, my programs support them in understanding the subject completely. For the children who are performing above average at school, my open-ended programs do not limit their learning.

Over twenty years on, I have witnessed the success of my program, having been able to help thousands of children. I think the best thing about what I do is being able to first-hand witness the incredible change in a child and the impact that has on their family, and their future. I love bringing a smile to my students’ faces and knowing it’s because I’ve made learning easy, fun and engaging.

To help more students, I have now franchised Lynn’s Learning so there are more Centres to teach our Method. All tutors running Lynn’s Learning Centres have been trained in the Lynn’s Learning method, to ensure that all children can gain confidence, stay engaged and have fun in all their Maths an English work.

If you feel the way I used to; if your child is not getting as much at school as they could, please speak to us directly about the Lynn’s Learning program and the complimentary assessment that you’ll receive which helps us learn more about your child and how we can help.”

Lynn Tam B.Ed, Founder of Lynn’s Learning Pty Ltd

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