What age should my child know how to count

Every now and then we look at a answering some questions that are regularly asked within our tuition centres. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the common questions asked from parents with young children (usually in Kinder or Prep / Foundation) about basic skills and when their child should “know” them. Specifically, this article looks at the “right” age for a child to read, count or know the alphabet.

Impact of poor literacy in school students

Literacy, put simply, is the ability to read and write. When we consider how important reading and writing is to every day communication and living, Literacy is an 8-letter word that is vitally important to every child’s education and future. Poor literacy can have negative effects that go way beyond the school years – including emotional, social and financial burdens. In this article, we have reviewed ways that poor literacy can impact your child from academic performance to emotional/social impacts, higher education and post-school.

PLC Scholarship Winner Amaya Wong

Lynn’s Learning is very proud and excited to announce one of our students has just received a scholarship into the prestigious private girls’ school, PLC.

blackburn tuition centre

Lynn’s Learning are excited to announce the opening of two new tuition centres in Blackburn and Blackburn South in Term 3! Plus get 50% OFF your child’s Term 3 Enrolment fees!!

what to do when child hates maths

Does your child HATE maths? You’re not alone! Too often we meet children in our tuition centre’s who have a real dislike for this subject. While it may be a common occurrence, it doesn’t have to be the “norm”.

High School Tutoring

Thursday, 16 March 2017 by
High School Tutoring

Starting high school can be challenging with changes in social settings, learning structure & studies. Take a look at how high school tutoring may assist.

Signs you need a maths tutor

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly when your child may need a Maths Tutor, so we’ve put together a few hints as to when it might be time to invest in Maths tuition.

New Tuition Centres Open

Lynn’s Learning are excited to announce the opening of two new Lynn’s Learning Tutoring centres in 2017!

Creative writing competition Winer- Lynn learning tuition centre

Congratulations to Parth, a student at Lynn’s Learning student who recently received a creative writing award!

Preparing your child for high school - Lynn learning tuition centre

Changing academic and social expectations make the jump from year 6 to 7 substantial. Here are our tips for preparing your child for high school.