We are here to answer all your Tutoring related questions

Are you considering enroling your child into an after school tuition program? Here are some frequently asked questions that we often here when enroling new students into our maths tuition and English tuition programs. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us here.


Why is tuition a good option for my child?
Every child has his or her own specific speed and style in which to learn. This is also complicated by the social and physical needs of a growing child. At Lynn’s Learning we support your child in a judgement free and caring environment as well as taking the time to explain concepts and ideas to them in full. Our programs are 100% tailored to each student. What this means is that we establish the strengths and focus points of each student to ensure the work is not too easy or too hard, but a perfect level which will teach, stretch and encourage your child.

What do you mean by individualised or tailored program?
Before starting with Lynn’s Learning your child(ren) will sit a short assessment so that we can completely understand their needs as an individual. Therefore when your child receives work, it is unique to them. Our program IS NOT just putting your child into a ‘level’. We understand and consider your child at all times.

How much is the investment to enrol my child into Lynn’s Learning?
Lynn’s Learning is committed to keeping tuition affordable for all children and families. Our pricing is term based, but we offer two different payment options to suit your requirements.

Tuition fees are based on $23.10 per subject per week for the school term. This is priced by calculating all of the costs including an hour session, all material and homework. Payment can either be made for the full term upfront (which incurs a $5 discount) or by Split for the duration of the term. All payment must be made prior to the school term / month beginning. (Some centres offer a direct debit option.)

Lynn’s Leaning has cancellation fee’s.

2016 Tuition Fees

$23.10 per subject, per week. The price includes GST.
The Lynn’s Learning Scholarship/Selective Entry comes at an investment of $35.20 per subject, per week. The price includes GST.

Is Lynn’s Learning one-on-one tuition?
Your child is in a group environment however he/she receives one-on-one attention from a teacher or tutor. This classroom environment allows the student to focus on their work in a safe and judgement-free zone. This in turn proves that the skills are easily transferable into a classroom. You will find that traditional one-on-one tuition does not have this benefit.

Does this program help my child with their schoolwork?
The Lynn’s Learning program follows the Australian Curriculum. This ensures the work your child completes will complement and further the learning your child has undertaken at school. Remember the work that your child completes is not a revision of school but is independently chosen to give your child maximum growth in their learning.

What kind of results will I see in my child?
As your child learns with our programs their concentration and confidence will increase. You will also see a great increase in their independent study skills, all which lead to academic improvement. The ‘speed’ at which a child’s results improves, changes from child to child, however many parents have noticed a remarkable change after only two weeks! We personally suggest that within a two month period you should see considerable change. Students who have been with Lynn’s Learning for an extended time have continued on to complete work over 3 years above their grade level.

What Qualifications do Lynn’s Learning Centre managers and Tutors have?
Many of our staff have a background in teaching and working with students. All staff are trained Lynn’s Learning Tutors who require at least tertiary education and experience working with children. All staff are screened prior to the Lynn’s Learning training and have a current Working with Children Check.